Clio Ancient Art is changing with the internet as e-commerce changes.

We are changing as the internet and the nature of e-commerce change. In the coming months we’ll be divesting from the now rather outdated burden of a single traditional website. The unreliable nature of cookie-cutter web hosting sites, combined with the growing commercial and analytic sophistication of apps like Shopify, Etsy, eBay and here on WordPress and others, some linked to social media, are rapidly rendering stand-alone websites less useful. Customers will soon have a variety of options to access our stock of antiquities and ancient coins through all of the apps mentioned above, and more. For example, we’ve added a badge here in this post and on our WordPress “about us” page to make accessing our antiquities and ancient coins fast and easy via Etsy. Clicking the badge will take you directly to our Etsy site. We are also now selling through eBay and through Shopify on Facebook.

Best wishes,
Chris M. Maupin
Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities

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